Environmental Policy

Responsibility in production

Awardco Group strive to provide the most environmentally responsible solutions to their customers, one main area is packaging and  in many instances we are able to reduce the total weight of packaging used, without compromising performance.
The external and internal environmental performance is of equal importance to the company and is effectively managed to ensure improvement. Awardco Group recognise the effects they have on the environment and are continuously aiming to reduce the effects these impacts have where possible.  The policy is evaluated annually and amended where necessary.

Managing Environmental Issues

Equipment in the office to be recycled is collected and replaced by external agencies. Another responsibility Awardco Group has is to regularly check that all suppliers are remaining receptive to environmental issues and are appropriately accredited.

Working toward a sustainable environment

The environmental strategy is split into two sections, internal and external factors effecting the environment. The company try to ensure all products supplied are, where possible manufactured saving the environment in  environmentally friendly surroundings.

A plan has been composed detailing product categories/office procedures and action taken to ensure environmental best practice is accomplished.

All of our paper products originate from managed sources ensuring continuity of supply for generations to come. We also encourage the use of recycled glass and plastic in our products where quality allows and indicated.

Throughout our Website you will see a recycled symbol  that indicates those products already contain recycled material.

Action Plan


Our Recycled range of glass products are 100% recycled where indicated

All wood products are taken from sustainable and managed forests in accordance with the FSC

All of our recycled plastics are 100% recycled where indicated.

The majority of our cartons are made of corrugated board which contain a large percentage of recycled materials. 70% of the 2 million tonnes of cardboard produced each year in the UK are recycled into new packaging.

Generally tape is not as environmentally friendly to manufacture as other packaging materials.  However, we ensure our manufacturers operate in the most environmentally friendly conditions.

Some of our metal products use recycled raw material where indicted.


Waste Paper
All paper used within the office of Awardco Group is shredded in the office then either used for non essential packaging or collected to be used as animal bedding.

Energy Saving
The office is currently aiming to fit energy saving light bulbs where possible and all Staff are reminded to turn off all electrical equipment when not in use, including PC monitors over night.

Bottle / Can Recycling
All aluminium cans and glass bottles in the building are deposited in the correct banks for recycling.

Cartridge Recycling
Awardco Group send all cartridges to be recycled where possible.

Corrugated Board
All waste corrugated cardboard in our warehouse is reused in packaging or collected for recycling.

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